The Magical Benefits of Jasmine

May 18, 2021

The Magical Benefits of Jasmine

What if there was something that could help fight infections, reduce PMS symptoms, as well as supply healthy and organic beauty tips? Something beautiful, but also common enough to be found almost anywhere? The Jasmine Flower is not only beautiful, but it also has an unknown amount of benefits, for the healing of the mind, body, and soul. This tiny, white bud is well known worldwide and represents several things in every culture. So unique, yet so familiar, the Jasmine Flower, the name a derivative of the Persian name, "Yasmin" meaning "gift of God", can be used in almost any way imaginable.

The most common species of this plant is the White Jasmine, which symbolizes not only positivity but also sensuality and warmth. In many cultures, it also holds the meanings of purity, virginity, innocence, even luck. Because of what this small flower represents, it is most commonly used in bridal or baptism bouquets and decorations. Many brides also wear the Jasmine Buds in their hair on their special day to show their purity and to give luck to their new journey.

This flower is not only beautiful but also holds multiple healing powers! Frequently used in essential oils, the scent of Jasmine is a natural sedative, similar to Lavender oil, and can help ease stress and anxiety, helping to calm someone in a panic. It has also been said that the scent can act as an aphrodisiac, heightening sexual desire, which is why it is found as a common ingredient in perfumes and massage oils. The aroma can help lift emotions and work as an anti-depressant as well as balancing the emotions for less tension throughout a busy day.

Jasmine is a very popular tea, and has many medical advantages to drinking this hot beverage! The first being that it does wonders for the ladies during that time of the month. This tea acts as an aide, suppressing menstrual cramps, headaches, and gas and bloating discomfort. It has been known to help regulate period cycles as well as tame nausea and exhaustion that come with the other known symptoms of the period week. Jasmine Tea helps with many other stomach issues, like upset stomachs, IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and indigestion. It has also been known to help with bad breath and weight loss! Even with all of this, believe it or not, Jasmine Tea is great for skincare!

Many skincare products contain some sort of Jasmine as one of their ingredients. Jasmine's properties do so much to help improve natural beauty. Therefore, Jasmine is often used in face washes and moisturizers as it positively impacts skin condition. Jasmine helps heal dry and irritated skin, replacing it with soft, smooth textures that are most desired. Many body and face creams contain Jasmine essential oil, giving the lotions that sweet and relaxing scent. It nourishes any dry areas as well as aging in the face. Jasmine also helps tame skin inflammations such as psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis, and gives some relief by revitalizing dry and itchy areas.

The smell of the Jasmine Buds gives off a calming and sensual aroma. That's why it is often used in shower gels and bombs for bubble baths. When inhaled, the scent emits an appealing sense of tranquility and helps calm anxieties. Soaking in hot, jasmine-infused baths allows the pores and lungs to open, filling them with clean and antibacterial steam that maintains an organically healthy immune system! Since it also is great for rejuvenating the skin, any type of face or body wash with Jasmine as a listed ingredient is a wise choice to add to a healthy and happy shower routine. Furthermore, Jasmine is great for keeping the hair moisturized, especially right after a wash. It helps clean the scalp of any bacteria and soothe any irritations, acting as an antiviral. It also strengthens and thickens the hair, giving it the perfect texture of that luscious head of hair that everyone always envies!

As an essential oil, it can do wonders for small problems on the skin. So many facial creams and serums are infused with Jasmine so that it can target imperfections throughout the complexion. The saturated products can get rid of dark spots, especially around the eyes, which need a gentle touch as the skin there is nearly paper-thin. It can help even out the tone and texture throughout the face so it appears smooth and flawless. This essential oil can help face scar tissue, and over time have them very nearly invisible to the naked eye. Its consistent use helps create immaculate skin and reveals the radiant and stunning glow that comes with unfailing self-confidence.

If the goal is to be flawless and completely organic and natural, then look no further than the Jasmine essential oils, infused teas, and body butter and creams. This one should always be in the pantry and on the cosmetics counter. The Jasmine flower is not only a gorgeous addition to any floral arrangement but also comes in a variety of colors as well as altered scents. It can be grown either indoors or outdoors, depending on the climate. However, it is one to always keep around, not only because of its reigning beauty but also to make sure to keep tranquility and health throughout the mind, body, and soul.