How to Spice Up Your Crafting With Rose Petals

June 14, 2021

How to Spice Up Your Crafting With Rose Petals

The wonderful thing about arts and crafts is that the possibilities are quite literally endless. There is simply no limit to the creativity out there, but even the most enterprising of craftsmen and craftswomen need ideas on how to freshen up their artistic projects. “Same-old, same-old” just doesn't cut it when the world is teeming with ways to make each creative endeavor special.

Rose petals are a beautiful way to spice up any creative crafter’s projects, and there are many interesting ways that pink rose petals can be used. They aren’t just for potpourri, although that is a worthy way to utilize them - those pretty petals can be a key feature in fragrant body scrubs, lovely art pieces, and heartwarming handmade cards. Everyone can take comfort in the fact that even the best crafters need a little inspiration sometimes - and here are some wonderful ideas on how to craft with rose petals:

Create Elegant Dried Flower Decoupage

Dried flowers are a great medium for making satisfying and aesthetically pleasing designs, and there is really no limit to the creativity that dried flowers can inspire in a passionate crafter. Decoupage is such a satisfying and relaxing activity, and dried rose petals are a great addition to the traditional paper cut-outs used in the art. With a little decoupage glue, rose petals, and paper designs, a crafter can make absolutely beautiful creations on a variety of different surfaces. 

Craft Enticing Scented Bath Salts

Bath salts are a fun way to use dried roses - and it adds a beautiful touch of simple luxury to everyday rituals, such as a nightly bath. With a sea salt blend, rose oil, and dried petals, lovely rose bath salts can be crafted and enjoyed. Everyone needs to decompress; crafting, in and of itself, is relaxing - but the amazing thing about this craft endeavor is that the end result is just as soothing as the activity itself. And to top it off, bath salts are not only fun to craft and use, they also make beautiful gifts for friends and family.

Make Delectable Sugar Body Scrubs With Rose Petals

Sugar scrubs are also a lovely way to utilize rose petals. There is just something about a homemade body scrub that adds an element of luxury to a daily routine - and there are real benefits to using a scrub on a regular basis. It promotes healthy circulation and removes dead cells that clog pores - so not only does it have relaxing properties, it also helps keep skin healthy and glowing, and even helps dislodge ingrown hairs. Crafts that keep on giving are some of the best.

Sew a Luscious Rose Petal Sachet

Potpourri is, indeed, not the only thing you can use flower petals for - but it is a lovely crafting option. It is not difficult to sew a small sachet to fill with dried petals and cinnamon sticks, cloves, or other spices, and the result is a fragrant sachet that lasts for months. A sachet placed in a sock drawer or a closet can greatly refresh that space, so it is a craft that has a practical purpose as well. This may sound like a difficult project to tackle, but the crafter can make it as elaborate or as simple as her or his current ability requires. There are many easy patterns available online, and sachets can be as elaborate or as simple as desired.

Fill Clear Ornaments With Eye-Catching Petals

Ornaments aren’t just for the holidays! If the house needs some fresh decor, fill some clear glass (or plastic if young children are in the home) ornaments with dried rose petals and dried greenery. Tie the bauble off with an appealing bow or cord - and the result is a chic adornment to put in a decorative bowl or to string up and hang banner-style. This decor item can be used during the holidays or any time of the year - roses are timeless.

Fashion Beautiful Dried Flower Soaps

Who doesn’t love the fragrance of roses? Soaps of any kind are such a pleasure to craft, but dried roses can take a basic soap to a whole new level. Using them in soapmaking adds an enticing, romantic scent and a layer of visual beauty to the bars. Whether a person is an avid soapmaker who makes bars from scratch or uses the melt-and-pour soap kits, everyone can benefit from adding dried roses to their process. If someone has a birthday coming up, take a few bars of the hand-poured rose soap, wrap them in cellophane, and tie off with a pretty ribbon - it is bound to be a hit with friends and family alike.

Use Dried Rose Petals to Adorn Handmade Cards

Homemade cards are one of the most rewarding projects a crafter can make because it spreads joy to not only the creator but to the recipient as well. Carefully affixing the dried petals to a heartfelt card can add an extra touch of elegance to an already beautiful craft, and friends and loved ones will appreciate not only the beauty but also the time it took to create the card. In the world today, it is all too easy to constantly live life in the fast lane, but something as simple as taking the time to create meaningful projects that bring joy to others is life-giving.

Using Dried Flowers to Elevate Everyday Projects

The dedicated crafter will be delighted to know that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what is possible with dried flower petals. Try out these creative activities, share them with friends and family, and find new favorites. Pink rose petals, with their lovely blushing hue and their sweet fragrance, can elevate soaps, art, and all sorts of projects. There’s no need to settle for less than the beautiful flare that flower petals can bring to everyday crafts, so pick up some dried rose petals and bring fragrance and elegance to a multitude of craft projects.