Fun Ways To Enjoy Beautiful Blue Cornflower

June 21, 2021

Fun Ways To Enjoy Beautiful Blue Cornflower

There are so many things to do in order to keep busy like sports, cooking, baking, or arts and crafts. Each of these pass times gives so many options and alterations with different styles to do them. So, getting creative with each activity just adds to the fun. For today, the focus will be on the gorgeous little blue cornflower. This little blossom holds a ton of usage and not only is it beautiful but also edible, making it perfect for cooking, baking, arts and crafts, and much more.

What To Do With Cornflower?

This perennial, which symbolizes tenderness, fidelity, and reliability, is commonly used in the dyeing of fabrics and paints. The deep blue color is so vibrant that many use Cornflower Petals specifically to get that perfect shade. In order for this to happen, they take the petals and create a dye bath where they boil them with alum that was added to the water. This allows the user to extract the color and make it possible to add it to whatever is being created. This is how Native Americans used to get such a rich and dynamic color for their paints and fabrics. That being said, this flower is used in so many DIY home decorations.

Some of the most popular posts include front door wreaths made of dried and preserved blooms, and fresh centerpiece flower arrangements. They have also been used dried in projects with resin or in organic dying of fabrics for matching decor. For the little ones, making non-toxic and edible paint is a fun way for them to participate in the arts! Now, some people use the Cornflower petals as a simple and classy decor while others prefer to use the whole blossom. It really doesn't matter if it's used in decorating or cooking, this flower is so unique that it adds sheer beauty to the arts. The petals by themselves add a pop of color and beauty to the craft, but when the entire flower is used in a recipe, the flavor is phenomenal!

Cornflower Cuisine

Another interesting thing about the Cornflower is that it is an edible flower. Some say it holds a little bit of spiciness with an almost earthy taste, while others say it's vaguely sweet. Because of these mixes of flavors, this flower is used in a variety of cooking and baking. However, the most popular postings include the classic Lemon Meringue Pie and Gordan Ramsey's Hot Chocolate Soufflé.

It seems the most common techniques are to fold the extract into cream cheese or place the blossoms as a beautiful garnish on top of a tower of cupcakes. The hint of spice and earthiness gives each dessert a special touch and allows it to stand out. To get really artistic and find some original crafts or even a secret recipe, jump on the Pinterest app and discover the various uses for these beautiful flowers and their extract!

Cornflower Beverages

As far as the bar goes, this blossom is used mainly as a gorgeous garnish. When searched, the most popular liquors to shake the blossoms with are vodka and gin. Some drinks call for Hendricks or Titos, and some call for Emperors or even New Amsterdam. However, the tasteless liquors are the best to merge the flavors, enhancing them, and making them more vivid. Some of the top listed are the Martinis, the Negroni, and the Floradora. With the Martini, the blooms are shaken with the ingredients and as the ice cuts into the petals it releases the flavors so that they may infuse the liquor, giving the drink its unique but subtle taste. For the Negroni and the Floradora, the blooms are for decorating, as they are simply placed on the top of the cocktails for a full and colorful presentation. There are no shortages of cocktails or mixed drinks that can be experimented with by adding this special ingredient.

Frozen Treats

The flowers are so small and elegant, they can be used for a frozen summer treat as well. The homemade popsicle has become a common snack around the everyday household. Because anything can be added into a popsicle for unique flavors and fun designs, the Cornflower Petals are no different. Add the flowers into a popsicle mold with clean water then put just a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice. After a few hours in the freezer, this elegant and tasty frozen treat is ready to be devoured! The bloom gives it a nice hint of flavor when it mixes with the fresh lemon juice but also allows this tasty snack to be organic, with beautiful decor. So if you are looking for new healthy popsicle recipes this summer, give it a try!

This flower has a broad flavor palate with a gorgeous color that fits almost everyday life and activities. From cocktail recipes, baked goods to decorating the living room, there is no shortage of what this bloom can help improve. Remember that the very best way to find ideas for this flower is to simply search for it on Pinterest. As the app allows anyone and everyone to upload their ideas and original arts, there will always be new and exciting things to try when it comes to this beauty. Head to the nearest nursery or gardening area and pick some up today!

Make Your Own Cornflower Creations!

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