The benefits of incorporating dried marigold into your skincare routine

June 02, 2021

The benefits of incorporating dried marigold into your skincare routine

Marigold, commonly known as Genda, is a medicinal plant that's been used for centuries for the numerous benefits it provides. The three main types of Marigold - African Marigolds, French Marigolds, and Signet Marigolds - have been used to reduce swelling, improve skin health and to address skincare concerns such as scars. In fact, this plant is especially popular in India, where it is used in Hindu ceremonies and weddings. Dried marigold has also been known to be extremely effective at treating skin sensitivity, inflammation and dryness. In this post, we take a look at the impact this plant has on the body, and how it works to improve skin health. 

1) Reduces Oxidative Stress (Primary Cause Of Wrinkles)

Collagen can be best described as being a protein which is responsible for the elasticity of our skin. As we get older, factors such as oxidative stress causes our collagen proteins to become less efficient. Once this occurs, our skin gradually loses its elasticity, and deep lines and wrinkles occur as an end result.

When the body accumulates more oxidants that it needs, this is called oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can lead to chronic inflammation which subsequently causes collagen to become disorganized and fragmented. When collagen cells become disorganized, this causes the skin to become dry, experience deep wrinkles and feel like a rough leathery texture.

Marigold consumption can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and to hydrate the skin by lowering acute inflammation and free radical damage. Studies suggest that the active chemicals in the plant make it a natural hepatoprotective and cytotoxic herb. Extracts which were taken from the plant, have been shown to lower cytokine and C-reactive protein levels. Studies also suggest that it can help to protect your cells from becoming damaged as a result of free radicals, one of the primary reasons of cell deterioration and aging. It can also help to control and reverse the effects of oxidative damage from free radicals and can help to protect the genitals from viruses and bacteria.

2) Protects The Skin From Disease Causing Microorganisms

One of the more well researched benefits of dried marigold is that it can help to protect the skin from diseases causing microorganism. In fact, people experience ear infections as a result of a build up of bacteria in the ear canal. One of the ways you can treat ear infections is to apply an extract of the herb. This is because it has powerful antiseptic properties which makes it perfect when it comes to improving your skin's resilience against viruses and bacteria. Based on the fact that it has antifungal properties as well, it can even be used to treat other skincare infections such as jock itch and vaginitis.

3) Heal Burns, Rashes and Skin Wounds

Historically and in today's modern world, one of the primary reasons why people applied dried marigold to the skin is because it helps to reduce skin sensitivity, dryness, swelling, redness and itchiness. Studies suggest that it has the ability to help the body produce healthy tissues and boost collagen production which helps to strengthen the skin and hydrate it.

The medical community believes that it's able to help treat wounds as a result of the fact that it stimulates epithelial cell production. The plant has also been linked to improved collagen metabolism stimulation and increased cell turnover. In the past, the plant was used to treat internal and external ulceration and wounds. It was also used to prevent infections and is used in today's world to promote accelerated healing after surgery. Individuals who experience flaking and dry skin, as well as rashes can use it with a natural lubricant to improve firmness and hydration. Marigold is also used topically to:

  • Protect sensitive skin.
  • Reduce diaper rash occurrences.
  • Reduce the appearance of scars.
  • Treat burns.
  • Heal infected cuts.
  • Treat ingrown hairs.
  • Soothe skin after shaving.
  • Reduce bruises.
  • Reduce dandruff.

4) Treat Acne Breakouts And Eczema Flare Ups

Linoleic acid can be best described as being a critical building block for ceramides. Ceramides are one of the skin's primary moisturizing elements. Based on the fact that our bodies cannot make this essential acid on its own, we have to get it from food sources or apply it to the skin directly. Linoleic acid helps to make our skin's protective barrier stronger so that it is able to keep irritants and water out, as well as to help it stay hydrated and healthy. Many people apply linoleic acid to the skin to treat eczema flare ups and reduce acne breakouts.

5) Improve Skin Appearance By Ridding The Body And Skin Of Toxins

Chemicals in dirt, makeup, pollution, water and a poor diet can cause toxic substances to build up in your body and skin. As a result of this, it's highly recommended that you detox your skin from time to time. When you fail to detox your skin, the buildup of toxins can lead to redness, blemishes and inflammation. It can also cause the skin to have a dull appearance. Alternatively, by detoxing the skin, it can help to brighten it, and reduce the signs of damage by toxins. In some cases, many doctors recommend that pregnant women use it to rid their body and skin of toxins, before they give birth. This is because it helps to rid the body and skin of toxic by:

  • Helping the liver to remove toxins and excess hormones from the body
  • Helping colon to remove excess fat and excess hormones.
  • Helping the uterus to clean stagnant blood.