bMAKER Flower Kit - 6 Packets of French Lavender, Butterfly Pea Flower, Rosemary, Cornflower Whole, Calendula Petals, Pink Rose Petals

Product Highlight:
  • SIX PREMIUM ALL NATURAL DRIED FLOWERS: Approximate 1 cup per bag of Rosemary Flower, Cornflower Whole, Butterfly Flower, Marigold Petals, Pink Rose Petals, Ultra Blue Lavender and ⅝ dram of Rose Absolute Essential Oil.
  • CULINARY GRADE: Our botanical flowers are kosher certified. They can be adding to salads, soups, stew, baked goods, teas, and other beverages.
  • COSMETIC USES: Botanical flowers use to make floral water, facial toners, soaps, bath bomb, shampoo, lotions, creams, and other personal care products
  • Bonus: Our Premium Flowers Kit comes with a 5/8-dram bottle of Rose Absolute essential oil- making it the best deal!
  • Nice & Tight Packaging: flowers are packed in sealed resealable bags to keep your flower stay fresh longer, and packaged in a nice gift box.

What You Get:

Ultra Blue Lavender Flowers - Origin: France

Marigold (Calendula) Petals - Origin: Egypt

Pink Rose Petals- Origin: Pakistan

Cornflower - Origin: Europe

Butterfly Flower - Origin: Thailand

Rosemary Flower - Origin: Morroco

5/8 dram bottle of Rose Absolute Essential Oil