bMAKER All-Natural Shea Butter Melt and Pour Soap Base (2lb Blocks) - Moisturizing and Nourishing M&P Base Soap Making Supplies - Suitable for Sensitive or Dry Skin

<b> CREATE NOURISHING BARS OF SOAP YOUR SKIN WILL LOVE</b><br> <br><b> Enjoy the Benefits</b><br> <br>Eager to pamper your skin with the famed benefits of shea butter? We’ve got you covered with a melt and pour soap base that <br> contains the real deal! Our base stands out by using real African Shea Butter.<BR></B> Shea butter is rich in Vitamins E, A and C that act as antioxidant and assist the skin in producing more collagen. This makes your skin tighter and firm reducing the look of wrinkles. It also contains cinnamic acid, that helps to fight germs and bacteria We also take great pride in our M&P base being 100% natural. No synthetic additives here. Just a blend of all natural ingredients carefully chosen to nourish and revitalize.<br> <br> <b> Experience the Difference</b><br> <br> Not all melt and pour soap bases are created equal. Some create soap that’s a pain to lather. Others create soap that leaves a residue<br> or never properly dries up. We’ve taken the premium approach with high-quality ingredients and professional formulation. The result?<br> You’re able to create smooth, beautiful-looking soap that’s easy to rinse, with a rich lather, and a quality feel. Whether you’re making <br>soap for home use, gifting, or selling, you’ll love the final result.<br> <br> <b> Here are more reasons to love this M&P base:</b><br> <p> - Comes in a 2lb (907g) serving to give you great value.</p> <p> - Very easy to use even by soap making newbies.</p> <p> - The created soap hardens properly to last longer.</p> <p> - You can easily add fragrances, colors or essential oils.</p> <p> - Backed by a no-hassle, 100% money-back guarantee.</p> <b> Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to experience the all-natural goodness completely risk-free!</b><br> <br>

QUALITY YOU’LL LOVE: Create homemade soaps you’ll love to use and gift. Our Shea butter soap combines the moisturizing properties of shea butter while the soap takes care of cleaning and disinfecting. It has the perfect balance of cleaning and moisturizing to leave you with fresh and soft skin.

ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Contains coconut oil, palm oil, safflower oil, kosher glycerin, shea butter, purified water, sodium hydroxide (saponifying agent), sorbitol (moisturizer), sorbitan oleate (emulsifier), oat protein (conditioner), and titanium dioxide (mineral whitener).

SOFTENS AND MOISTURIZES: Reap all the benefits with a melt and soap base made using real African Shea Butter. The beauty of going for the real deal. You end up with soap that’s great for men and women with sensitive skin, and soap that’s rich in nutrients that soften, smooth, and rejuvenate.

TOUCH OF SIMPLICITY: Great for beginners and expert crafters alike, our 2lb base blocks make soapmaking a breeze. Simply melt them, add your desired fragrance or color, pour into a mold, and you’re good to go. The solid base is great for making soaps for home use, gifting, or selling.

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: We’ve got your back with a 100% money-back guarantee. Experience any issues with your soap making supplies? Reach out to us and we’ll do all we can to make you smile. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to sample skin-loving goodness 100% risk-free!